Cairo Show
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Cairo Show
Challenge Bringing back the theatre industry with a new modern experience & to become Middle East Broadway. Launch Cairo Show theatre experience and announce the plays. Results “عيش الحكايه” We took the audience to a real life experience, rich with different arts and talents. Our show is different stories, in this concept we were able to keep telling you each of them, highlighting how you are going to spend unforgettable moments in our hub. We created theatre-themed booth design that reflected Cairo Show theatre concept. The booth represented artwork of Mohamed Heneidy’s play & mockup for Heneidy for people to take photos with. That made people comfortable and engaged with the acting audition and performed on our booth platform in front of real cameras and backstage crew to reveal their hidden talents. Customers not only engaged with the idea on-ground, they also posted their experience with our booth on their social media accounts. Figures: Locations: 8 Mega malls & hangouts Duration: 8 weekends Reach: 25,000 Engaged customers: 13,000
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