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Challenge Create favourable brand image and uplift the brand. Maximize the customer reach and push sale. Results Sales point booth 2 locations Campaign duration: 3 months Total reach: 100,000 Sales achieved: 70% of sales target Roadshow: 8 beaches & compounds Roadshow duration: 45 days Total reach: 40,000 Total sales achieved: 70% of sales target

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Square Cube has steadily built its reputation through the success of its clients that have managed to stay one step ahead of the competition, because they chose to partner with us and do things The Square Cube way.
According to the urban dictionary “Scubie is someone who is super cute and naughty. Scubies are stubborn and don't listen to anyone. But they are the most amazing people and everyone loves to spend time with them.” But this is only the dictionary, it can only be very brief, as scubies we can tell you who we actually are.
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